• Armed Security Guard Services

    Businesses or Properties that house a significant number of valuables on the premises - whether that is in the form of money and takings or stock - will require a high level of security. These can include companies such as banks, jewelers, or other businesses that may hold items of significant value. For armed security in Orange County, you can count on All American Statewide Security for your property protection needs. Armed security personnel are often employed as a deterrent to prevent break-ins and other forms of criminal damage, as well as acting as a protective measure in cases of severe confrontation. Using armed security can help to put your mind at ease when it comes to keeping your property secure, ensuring your assets are protected, and nearby people feel safer. While you may not have previously considered armed security for your company, a large business property with a significantly high value of information, stock, and currency inside, may require the high level of protection. Our high standards of security will meet the needs you may have, particularly in a time when threat or crime levels have increased.

    Extensive Training and Background Checks

    Upon joining All American Statewide Security, all of our employees are fully trained and licensed, receiving certification from the state. You can be assured that any individual from our security services is entirely qualified in how to safely use the weapons they carry and possess the necessary skill and experience to help protect your assets responsibly. We understand that any member of your security team - especially an armed security officer - must be trustworthy and reliable, qualities that are demonstrated by everyone from the All American Statewide Security team. Our armed security guards, Orange County, certified, have all undergone extensive background checks, ensuring all of our staff members are qualified and equipped to carry out the duties that may be asked of them. This is a particularly important aspect to consider when employing an armed security guard. Part of the training for all of our armed security officers involves learning how to deescalate a situation that could potentially turn into a confrontation and implementing a solution before it reaches a point of violence. Each of our armed security guards carry functioning weapons. However, the aim of every individual is to competently help protect your property and simultaneously prevent a situation from reaching a point where they are required to use the weapon they carry. An armed security guard is able to help control situations that may occur within your business or property.

  •  Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness

    The high standard of armed security guard services, Orange County based, offered by All American Statewide Security are represented by three of our main core values: integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. These all outline the dedication it takes to carry a weapon and patrol the customer’s property, as we pride ourselves on the honesty, observation skills, and proactive attitude of our security staff. We are committed to a professional service, with careful and considered strategies put into place to allow our armed security officers to be both fast thinking and acting when out in the field. Our officers are able to evaluate a situation and report to the correct authorities if a situation is discovered that involves unauthorized or illegal activities. For 24 hour armed security guards, Orange County, with service offered seven days a week, All American Statewide Security are here to help. We will always have security officers on call that can help you when you need us. Our armed security officers will efficiently carry out duties such as frequent patrols and monitor both the inside, outside, and perimeter of your company property as desired by our clients. This will help towards the protection of your assets and the safety of both the workers and the nearby general public. Our officers are also required to fill out daily activity reports and submit detailed accounts of any incidents that occur so that you remain aware of exactly what is going on at the premises of your business. We will make sure that all of the possible entrances and exits, such as doors, windows, and gates, are completely secure and locked at necessary times. We also use the latest in innovative technology as needed to assist your armed security guards in aiding to protect your property and preventing any criminal activity from taking place. All of our security officers are supplied with communication devices and arms they may need and are experienced and skilled in how to use these in a safe and effective manner if necessary. The employees at All American Statewide Security continue to develop their knowledge and practical expertise in order to provide the best standard of security in Southern California.

    Fulfilling Your Security Needs

    All American Statewide Security also provides armed security guards to companies located in the surrounding areas of southern California, as well as Orange County. These include Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Diego County, among many others. Our reasonable prices will help to build up an armed security team that you can trust to protect your property and discourage any unauthorized or criminal activity from being carried out. The armed security officers you employ will be able to conduct any safety related duties and take on the values and morals that represent your company. We are dedicated to professional security services - including providing armed guards - in order to satisfy our clients. With All American Statewide Security, you do not have to worry about the protection or defense of your assets. All of our team are carefully trained in safety, ensuring peace of mind when hiring an armed security service. If you find you have any kind of security needs, All American Statewide Security is able to fulfill them to the highest standard. We can provide armed security officers for properties, businesses, high profile events, shopping centers, and many more different occasions and locations. Don’t hesitate to call us now on 800-975-2880, to discuss the number of private security officers you may need and what kind of security detail you will require for your property.