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Overseeing a large business or workplace can involve a range of different factors, such as facility management and arranging security for your workplace. At All American Statewide Security, we can assist you with your workplace security needs, providing experienced workplace security guards in Orange County. All American Statewide Security can provide workplace security for a range of businesses, including construction sites and technology firms, to name a few. We offer highly trained professionals, at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Specialized Training and Security Services 
The security team at All American Statewide Security provides both full and part time services to protect your business and its employees. You can specify how many officers you require and at what times of the day or night you need security around your business. We can also offer uniformed security officers, who are able to reside both inside and outside the main building of your business to act as a deterrent towards any unauthorized or criminal activity for anyone entering the premises. All of our workplace security guards, Orange County are fully licensed and trained in-house by the team at All American Security. Every security officer is kept up to date with the latest practices and advances in technology in order to provide you with the highest standard of security and protection. All of our workplace security guards have been certified by the state and have undergone extensive background checks. Choose quality, workplace security guard services, Orange County with All American Statewide Security for trustworthy and reliable employees. Part of the training our workplace security officers receive includes the ability to verbally de-escalate a situation before it reaches a point of conflict. This is particularly important in a workplace environment, allowing your business to run smoothly and your employees to continue their daily activities, no matter what the surrounding circumstances. 
Tailored Security Duties
At All American Statewide Security, we offer 24 hour workplace security guards, Orange County based and beyond, seven days a week. There will always be a security officer available on call, as well as someone to assist you in person or over the phone, based from our head office. We are happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the best type of workplace security for your company and the duties a security guard would be required to perform. You may be looking for minimal security to create a professional atmosphere and discourage any unwanted or unauthorized behavior from people entering the building. Or, you may need a higher level of security assigned both inside and outside the premises, which could involve vetting individuals entering the building, controlling access, and enforcing safety and security guidelines across the company. This is often required for businesses with items of a high value on the property, whether that is money, stock or technology. Whatever form of workplace security is best for you, we can provide you with experienced, respectable, and competent officers. 
The guards provided by All American Statewide Security will carry out all necessary and additional security duties to protect your workplace and assets. We require activity reports to be filed on a daily basis, including in the case of a specific incident, during which the correct authorities will be immediately alerted. Workplace security officers will patrol and monitor the inside, outside, and perimeter of the premises in order to help keep your business and its workers safe at all times. This includes keeping all entrances and exits – including doors, windows, and gates – locked at all times needed during the night and strictly observed and guarded during working hours. Both the physical presence of a workplace security guard and the comprehensive and practical knowledge of our officers will help to protect the assets of your business, keeping the work you are carrying out and the individuals you employ safe.

Professional and Dedicated Values 
The team here at All American Statewide Security are committed to providing a high-quality security service to you and your company. We are dedicated to upholding the three main core values that represent our services: integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. Our team prides itself on our honesty, ability to observe and evaluate situations, and the support exhibited between our workplace security officers and the businesses they are assigned to. This contributes to the excellent service we provide, allowing us to assist in safely protecting the assets and staff of your company. The professional approach taken by all workplace security guards at All American Statewide Security means that we provide one of the best security services in southern California. We also serve locations throughout the surrounding area, such as San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County among others, as well as Orange County.
All American Statewide Security can help to increase your peace of mind, meaning you no longer have to worry about any security problems when it comes to your workplace or business. Our workplace security officers are experienced in controlling a situation and are both quick thinking and proactive, with successful strategies ready to be put into place if necessary. The actions of our security guards are pre-planned in order to achieve the most desirable result, and to minimize any and all consequences for your business. Workplace security guards with All American Statewide Security continue to develop their skills in order to stay up to date with the latest procedures and technology. This allows us to continue to offer you the highest standard of security for your assets that will put your mind at rest.
Conscientious Workplace Security 
All American Statewide Security can fulfill all of your workplace security needs, with conscientious staff that possesses extensive practical knowledge of security. With reasonable prices, we have received positive reviews from previous clients who have been completely satisfied with our work. If you require any kind of workplace security for your business, do not hesitate to call us on 800-975-2880 today. We will be happy to discuss your security needs with you in order to offer you our services.

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